Vincent Wagner is a freelance 3d artist, experimental typographer and 3d type designer, based in Vienna. With a background in law, his professional life had to take a couple of odd turns for him to arrive at the intersection of type and 3d.

From a short stint at studying architecture, via law studies, business-side work in the music industry and boring sales jobs in media agencies, to night school for graphic design, going freelance and inching his way towards a specialization in type and 3d, it’s been a fun ride.

For the last couple of years, Vincent had the chance to hold workshops at Universities (SVA, HSBI), speak at typography conferences (TDC Type Drives Culture 2022, Inscript Experimental Type Festival 2022) and work on projects for clients like Twitch, RedBull, Squarespace and Island Records.

His current focus on 3d typefaces has led to founding type.computer [https://type.computer/], an experimental 3d type foundry, with the goal of spreading the love for 3d type.