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Morisawa is Japan’s leading type manufacturer. We are passionate about fonts and type and are constantly forging ahead with the creation of innovative new typefaces.


Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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Glyphs – Font Editing for Everyone

Create Stunning Fonts on Your Mac: make everything from dingbat webfonts to full-fledged text typefaces in the most Mac-like font editor.


Through our unique, diverse, curated font platform, TypeTogether creates innovative and stylish solutions to the greatest problems in the professional typography market.


We create brands and digital products. With ambition. With passion. With personality. From the creative spark through to the effective code.

Designschule München

The Munich School of Design & Fashion is a creative hub for the media and fashion industry and we are proud to host the 2018 conference.

Silver Sponsors

Just Another Foundry

Design and produc­tion of text and display fonts for print and screen.

Production Type

Based in Paris, Production Type is a digital type design agency. Its activities span from the exclusive online distribution of its retail type for design professionals, to the creation of custom typefaces for the industrial, luxury, and media sectors.


The Austrian Foundry delivers high class digital punchcutting both for Corporate Type and retail Fonts.

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